Isis strikes Manchester as UK prepares to hold a general election

During the past few weeks, public opinion has shifted notably. At the time when Theresa May called for an election, it was looking to be a certain Conservative win that would strengthen their hold on the country by giving them more seats in Parliament.

But recently there has been an increase in support for Jeremy Corbyn as, facing allegations of bias from the media, the press became more neutral in their coverage of candidates. Celebrities spoke out to endorse the Labour leader and young people who were previously disinterested in politics began registering to vote.

Isis claims to promote Islamic ideology. One of the Five Pillars of Islam is Zakat – charitable giving; taxing the wealthy to support the poor.

Muslims also fast during Ramadan to empathise with those living in poverty and famine. The month of Ramadan actually begins this weekend.

Labour’s manifesto and policies aim to tax the rich to support the poor, and to help the needy and the vulnerable. They are looking to redress the balance of wealth and power.

Ask the Muslims you know, and I would suspect that most are planning to vote for Labour.

So why does Isis choose to attack Britain now, of all times?

Surely they are aware that their actions will support the candidate who is strong on government defence – Theresa May – the same candidate whose party values appear to fundamentally oppose Islam.

Are Isis simply just stupid, misinformed and short-sighted?

Last month, the British press questioned whether the recent Isis attack in Paris was an attempt to influence the French election.…/isis-motive-in-paris-attack-l……/france-election-terror-attac…

And in 2004, just a few days before the US election, Osama Bin Laden released a video statement to Al Jazeera, explaining why he had targeted the west, and promised further attacks. This served to help re-elect George W. Bush.

During the 2004 Presidential election campaign, John Kerry had been criticising George W. Bush for starting the (illegal) Iraq War.

Bin Laden, whose family is known to have strong ties with the Bush family, then recorded a video, and Bush got re-elected as President of the USA and continued the Iraq War.

No doubt, Theresa May’s campaign will now be all about defence and controlling immigration, and she’ll get a lot more support because of it.

We have to ask ourselves, who gains from such an attack?

The Muslim community – who begin a month of fasting to empathise with the hungry and vulnerable for Ramadan on Friday?

The common people, who will now be more fearful when attending concerts or seeing a “suspicious-looking” person?

Or the defence companies, whose stock will be in demand if we escalate our actions against Isis?

Whose campaign does this help? UKIP or the Greens? Labour or Conservative?