Breathtaking Gatka Display in Mumbai

A very skilled and proficient Gatka display by a Nihang Singh Akhara in Mumbai, India.

Gatka is the name given to the art of showcasing the Sikh Martial Art of Shastar Vidiya (literally “Weapon Studies”, or “study of weaponry”).

Nihang Singhs are the armed military order of the Sikhs. These Sikhs started out as the Akaal Senna (Immortal Army) under the 6th Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Hargobind Singh Ji. The Tenth Master, Guru Gobind Singh Ji, then created the Khalsa in 1699 naming the first official Nihang Singhs; the Panj Pyare (Five Beloved Ones).
They were: Bhai Daya Singh Ji, Bhai Dharam Singh Ji, Bhai Himmat Singh Ji, Bhai Mohkam Singh Ji and Bhai Sahib Singh Ji.

Nihang Singhs still exist today and have aimed to maintain the practices and disciplines of Sikhs from Puratan Times, when the Guru in human forms presided over the Khalsa.

This blog will aim to provide further explanations and definitions Sikh terminology overĀ its course.