Is this the last chance to save the NHS?

In this video, Dr Bob Gill outlines how the Conservative government intends to sell off the British National Health Service as recommended in the Naylor Review.


As well as a General Practitioner (GP), Dr Gill has been a researcher and campaigner for the NHS for many years.

“There has been a concerted effort by consecutive governments to convert our NHS to a profit driven private health insurance system,” he warns.

Dr Gill goes into further detail about the Naylor Review in this video sent to me yesterday.

Dr Gill has a GoFundMe page, which he┬áhopes to help produce a film, “The Great NHS Heist” to warn the public of the impending destruction of the NHS.

If you want to prevent Britain’s beloved National Health Service from being sold at below-market prices to corporations owned by politicians’ friends, then please use your vote tomorrow wisely. We must band together to deny the government from handing the NHS over to their mates in the private sector.