If you live in Wolverhampton South-West, vote for Jagmeet Singh

I’ve made it no secret that I’ll be voting for Labour in tomorrow’s General Election, but if I lived in the constituency of Wolverhampton South-West, I’d vote for Jagmeet Singh as MP.

Jagmeet Singh is a Sikh educator, prison chaplain, and he’s running independently for the role in Wolverhampton South-West.

What makes Jagmeet Singh so perfect for this role? He’s fearless and he will always put the people first.

I’ve watched videos shot of him raising awareness and providing education about Sikhism in the High Street. In one such video he was told that he’s “not English” by an elderly Scottish gentleman, and that he should not be allowed to wear his Kirpan (a personal sword or knife carried at all times by initiated Sikhs).

His calm and polite response was that he is Sikh and wears the Kirpan because he would only use it to defend the innocent, such as the gentleman himself; “I would give my life to protect you, Sir.”

Which other politician would tell a member of the public that they are willing to sacrifice their own life to protect another’s freedom?

Tony Blair, Theresa May, Donald Trump?


He also showed tremendous courage in his appearance on Sunday Morning Live with Sian Williams.

In his BBC TV debut appearance, Singh was invited to discuss the issue of Anand Karaj (a Sikh marriage ceremony) between non-Sikhs. As a Sikh who is married to a lady of European origin, he was expected to denounce the Sikh guidance that the Anand Karaj should only take place among Sikhs.

It soon became clear though that Singh was not the stooge the BBC hoped he would be; his wife is a European Sikh. Singh defended the policy of prohibiting non-Sikh Anand Karajs.

Sian Williams sought to silence her guest and shut him up at which point, Jagmeet Singh turned the show’s attention to the much more pressing and sinister news of deaths in his home community going unreported.

“Sikhs are being killed in Punjab and nobody is reporting it, please report it,” Jagmeet Singh said directly to the camera during the live broadcast.

He strikes me as a fearless man who can not live with the guilt of ever not doing the right thing. Now, he’s taking it upon himself to do right by Wolverhampton South-West’s community, and stand as their representative in Parliament.

If I could vote for Jagmeet Singh, I would, but instead I’ll be voting for Tan Dhesi of Slough’s Labour party, and I’m not voting for Dhesi simply because he grows a beard and ties a turban.

Firstly, I’m a fan of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s proposed policies, and I also believe that voting for Labour represents the best chance of overthrowing the remorseless Conservative party.

And much like Sandwell Labour councillor Preet Kaur Gill, who is running for MP in Birmingham Edgbaston, I also like the policies Dhesi brings to the table and although I’ve never met either in person, people whom I respect endorse the two candidates.

I encourage you all to vote on Thursday, and make a good choice. Just think, who would your heroes vote for?

The party looking to take away your human rights, sell off the public’s universal healthcare system and give tax breaks to large corporations like Google and Starbucks?

Or the party that aims to stop doing arms deals with terrorist countries, invest more in the police force and keep free school lunches for kids?