Dear Theresa

Dear Theresa,

You can give your corporate friends tax breaks, you can sign off government security contracts to your husband at G4S, you can cut corners on social housing expenditure with tragic consequences.

You can sell off the NHS to your associates, at below-market prices, you can spend £1.5bn of taxpayer money on a deal with the DUP.

You can do arms deals with Saudi Arabia, pander to Donald Trump and support Syrian terrorists.

You don’t have to appear on TV debates, you can lie about government research reports and you can store your wealth offshore.

But one thing you can no longer change is your legacy.

You can’t take your bank accounts to the grave, and when you are no longer around to deceive the public, the truth will inevitably prevail.

Will you be remembered as the people’s ally or the people’s enemy?

Did you do all you could to make this country great, or was your interest in helping only the privileged?

Will history show that you cared about the British people, or that you only cared about yourself?