You are immortal
You have love, mercy, forgiveness and compassion for all

The director of this world drama
Only by serving you can I generate good karma

A slave to your saints is all I hope to be
Nothing but yours, the dust off your feet

All virtues are yours as I have none
You give light to the sun, you are perfection

You are the controller of destiny
The creator of your own reality

You cannot be defeated
Too wise to be cheated
And you always know what’s needed

Indescribable, invincible, indestructible
Beautiful and without parallel
Your origin is unknown
Everywhere is your home, you can never be overthrown

Upon your Name I meditate
All of my wishes you accommodate
You don’t discriminate
And all of my enemies you eliminate

So I place my head in your hands
I leave it to you to take care of my plans
It took much of my lifespan, but now I understand
I must do what I can to serve you, my Man