How To Raise a Sikh

Sadasat Simran Singh from Chardikala Jetha shares his perspective on how to raise a Sikh. As a white American who speaks fluent Punjabi, and learned about Sikhi through his Ustad, Yogi Harbhajan Singh Ji. He was blessed with Amrit at 16, is a Shastar Vidiya expert and an accomplished classical Raag Kirtani.

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You are immortal You have love, mercy, forgiveness and compassion for all The director of this world drama Only by serving you can I generate good karma A slave to your saints is all I hope to be Nothing but yours, the dust off your feet All virtues are yours as I have none You…

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Define: Sardar

Sardar (Persian: سردار ‎‎, Persian pronunciation: [sær’dɑr]; “Commander” literally; “Headmaster”), also spelled as Sirdar, Sardaar or Serdar, is a title of nobility that was originally used to denote princes, noblemen, and other aristocrats. It has also been used to denote a chief or leader of a tribe or group. It is used as a Persian synonym of the Arabic title Amir. The term and its cognates originate from Persian sardār (سردار)…

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Social Cleansing

Wikipedia: Social cleansing (Spanish: limpieza social) is class-based killing that consists of elimination of members of society considered “undesirable,” including but not limited to the homeless, criminals, street children, the elderly, sex workers, and sexual minorities This phenomenon is caused by a combination of economic and social factors, but killings are notably present in regions…

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Sikhs do believe in the hierarchical caste system

Vaheguru ji ka Khalsa Vaheguru ji ki Fateh Should Sikhs acknowledge caste, and do they, are two very different questions. Caste is rejected in Sikhi, there is no debate about that. But us Punjabis love being rebellious and doing the opposite of what we are told, so much so, that caste is an integral part…

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Dear Theresa

Dear Theresa, You can give your corporate friends tax breaks, you can sign off government security contracts to your husband at G4S, you can cut corners on social housing expenditure with tragic consequences. You can sell off the NHS to your associates, at below-market prices, you can spend £1.5bn of taxpayer money on a deal…

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