Dawinderpal Singh Sahota – Independent Candidate for Langley Kederminster

I am running as an Independent Councillor for Langley Kedermister, because my family home has been in this ward for 35 years and I have seen the work of the council deteriorate during this time.

It has come to a point where I have said enough is enough, we need change, and we need it now. If nobody else is willing to bring that change, then I will step forward to bring it.

My pledges

Crime/anti-social behaviour: I live in the ward, I am already part of the Neighbourhood Watch, and I have significant experience working with youth and ex-offenders. I will engage with the local youth whenever possible and work with the police and local businesses on initiatives such as supporting youth clubs/services and improving communication and coordination between businesses with cctv cameras and the council to ensure maximum coverage.

I will also set out to ensure that street lights in Langley are always operational and are providing enough light for residents to feel safe at night.

Parking: We have airport parking companies using Langley’s public roads to park cars without permission. Yet residents in Langley, particularly in flats near Trelawney Avenue, do not have enough free parking near their homes. I will hold the council, airport companies and law enforcement to account for the parking issues in Langley and consult stakeholders on how to accommodate more free parking for residents.

Litter: This is an issue we’re all well aware of. There are some great community initiatives such as Slough Anti-Litter Society, a group of volunteers who meet up to pick up litter around town, I will engage with them and find out how they could be supported better and seek funding for more public bins, and even paid staff to pick up litter and monitor/report litter offences as well.

Homelessness: I have been volunteering with Slough Outreach since it was established and maintain a good relationship with founder Shin Dhother, who is a local hero imho. I also have regular dialogue with council officers and other charities who help support the town’s homeless and otherwise vulnerable people. I will continue to listen to their needs and support them in any and every way possible.

Road works: As a local resident for 35 years in this ward, I am very familiar with the roads and I will hold the council accountable for the empty promises and bad decisions they make regarding town planning.

One very recent example is how the current road works in Langley High Street do not have any plants, although residents thought they would. I will find out what happened here and share with residents when I do. I will also propose potential solutions such as above-ground plant troughs. Most of us residents can see in the planning stage how road works will impact traffic, we could all see the Bath Road bus lane would cause more congestion, but there aren’t enough voices challenging these bad decisions within the council meetings.

I will be very vocal in representing the residents in these meetings.

Slough Borough Council debt and fund mismanagement: It is frankly embarrassing how much debt Slough Borough Council has plunged us into. And what do we have to show for it? The council is £760 million in debt. Have a walk around the town and you’ll wonder where the heck has it all gone? The residents are sick and tired of it, including me! There aren’t enough voices calling for accountability within the walls of the council headquarters, I will be one that the people of Langley Kedermister can count on.

About Me

I studied at Ryvers School, then at Langley Grammar School and then I went to 6th form at St Bernard’s Catholic Grammar School; I’m a Langley boy through and through.

I then studied a BSC in Business Management from Imperial College London, one of the top universities in the world. I was elected Student Union President at my campus, before beginning a career in business and political journalism spanning 16 years in Dubai and London.

Make no mistake, I have the credentials, experience and capability to prosper in this role.

Why am I standing?

I am standing as an independent candidate because I will not follow the lead of any political party, my loyalty and allegiance is to the people of my ward, not to other politicians. I am not running to fall in line, I’m running to shake things up.

I am standing because I believe the people of Langley deserve a representative that will put them first. I care that our families, our community and our children receive the very best service from their local government that they possibly can. 

I genuinely don’t care about my social status; I am not running to inflate my ego. I am already very content in my life and comfortable with who I am. I am running to serve and tend to the needs of the community. I want the people of Langley to be proud of where they are from, and I want to contribute to creating an environment where people are genuinely happy and honoured to be a Langley resident.

The failures of Slough Borough Council have been well documented across the whole borough. I will hold the council to account for the massive £400+ million debt they have laid to our town. Ridiculous decisions such as the Bath Road bus lane, and the purchase of a cinema in Hampshire, as well other questionable deals will be given a voice and investigated with me as your representative. I will not be intimidated by bullies and I will not relent in my mission to serve my community.

Get involved

I invite you to please contact me and tell me what you would like to see from your local representative. What local government decisions have upset you? What are the failures you would like to see addressed? Where do you feel we need investment? How can your local council serve you better?

Feel free to message or call me on my mobile number: 07722906227.

The people of Langley deserve solutions, not excuses.
The people of Langley deserve someone who genuinely cares.
The people of Langley deserve someone who will fight to the very end for them.
On 5th May 2022, vote for Dawinderpal Singh Sahota.